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    Post by drunkpunk19thGRU on Thu Aug 02, 2012 1:23 pm

    text me(please include your name/callsign and location):
    *both mobile numbers are active

    or you can call me, (02)8698699, look for jake
    location: alabang/san pedro area

    OR TRADE with other books and magazines

    looking for books about Soviet/Russian military, North Korean military, Chinese military and Philippine military.

    looking for magazines:
    SWAT, SOLDIER OF FORTUNE(back issues 80's and 90's),

    Fighting Fire Trucks - 750 pesos
    By Larry Shapiro
    Follow the flashing lights and wailing sirens, grab a hand-line or a pike pole, and get ready to discover the up-close and on-the-scene action of Fighting Fire Trucks! Larry Shapiro offers this colorful look at the many different types of fire trucks in use today, including pumpers, aerials and tankers, and the personnel who man them. Filled with details of specialized rescue squads, foam and forest fire units, and a full chapter on airport fire fighting. See them in the heat of the action!

    Japanese Army in WW2 - 450 pesos or trade
    The 1941 Japanese Pacific onslaught saw the defeat of Allied forces on all fronts, with the Philippines, Netherlands East Indies, and Commonwealth possessions falling under their control. During 1942-43, the Japanese consolidated their gains and redeployed forces in an attempt to break the Southern Lifeline between America and Australia. These plans were affected by the defeat at Midway, which forced the Japanese onto the defensive. This book examines Japanese forces employed in the follow-on conquests of 1942-43, and describes how unit organization, weaponry, and equipment were found lacking in the harsh environment of the Solomon Islands and on New Guinea.

    Marathon 490 BC:The first Persian invasion of Greece - 450 pesos or trade
    Osprey's study of the first Persian invasion of Greece in 490 BC.
    The story of the Marathon campaign is an epic of the Ancient World. When the Ionian Greeks revolted against their Persian overlords in 499BC, the cities of Athens and Eretria came to their aid. The Persian King Darius swore vengeance and in 490BC a fleet of 600 ships packed with troops was sent to take revenge on the Athenians. At Marathon the Greeks met the Persians in battle and drove them in rout back to their ships. The moral effect of this victory was enormous – for the first time a Greek army had defeated the Persians and demonstrated the superiority of hoplite tactics.

    US Navy Hornet: Units of Operation Iraqi Freedom - 550 pesos or trade
    Author: Tony Holmes
    Illustrator: Chris Davey

    About this book
    The F/A-18 Hornet in its various guises was the 'universal soldier' of OIF, with around 250 seeing combat. Flown by various squadrons and groups, the Hornet attacked a range of targets including tanks of the various Iraqi Republican Guard units and government buildings housing elements of the Baath party regime. Apart from its ability to drop precision munitions such as laser-guided bombs, the Hornet was also capable of launching anti-radar missiles and acting as an aerial tanker and reconnaissance platform for other strike types. This book explores the Hornet's versatility which has enhanced its reputation as one of the world's leading strike-fighter aircraft.

    Spycatcher: the candid autobiography of a senior intelligence officer
    (hardbound) - 350 pesos or trade
    by Peter Wright

    In 1976, former Assistant Director of MI5 Peter Wright left British Intelligence when the government had repeatedly refused to pursue his discovery of the infamous "Fifth Man" in the Burgess-Maclean-Philby-Blunt KGB spy ring. An uncensored account of the American and British business of spying--a work so revealing it has been banned in Britain.

    Fighting for Honor:Japanese Americans and WW2(hardbound) - 650 pesos or trade
    by Michael L. Cooper

    A stirring account of Japanese Americans in World War II, based mainly on diaries, autobiographies, and the military records of the 442nd Regimental Combat Team, which was known as the Purple Heart Battalion because of its bravery. After the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941, all people on the West Coast of Japanese heritage, whether resident aliens or citizens, were forced to move into internment camps. But 1,200 young men from the camps, along with 10,000 other GIs of Japanese heritage, became some of the most decorated soldiers in the war as part of the 442nd. Author Michel L. Cooper tells of the remarkable bravery of these Nisei soldiers, whose heroism in battles in Europe contrasted with the prejudice that Japanese Americans faced at home.

    US Marine Corps (The Power Series) - 400 pesos or trade
    Full color photographs and historic shots, plus a brief history of the Corps past triumphs at Tripoli, Guadalcanal and Iwo Jima. See their Harriers, F-A-18 Hornets, Huey Cobras and other aircraft in action, taking off from their bases, and launching from the flightdecks of carriers in hot-spots around the world.

    Holy War on the Home Front: The Secret Islamic Terror Network in the United States - 400 pesos or trade
    Nearly three years after 9/11, the war on terror is far from over. In fact, a leading terrorism expert argues that despite the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and the efforts of the Department of Homeland Security, we are not really any safer at all.
    Harvey Kushner, a respected adviser to the FBI, the FAA, the INS, and other government agencies, offers frightening new evidence of a unified Islamic terrorist network that is operating inside the United States and planning new opportunities to strike. Kushner identifies and assesses the violent plans of these Islamic organizations and individuals who take advantage of our reluctance to engage in ethnic profiling. He supports his claims with never-before-seen documents from top-level government sources, exposing a secret network of Arab intelligence agencies, terrorists, university professors, corrupt imams and other religious leaders, and violent criminals.

    Packs On!: Memoirs of the 10th Mountain Division in World War II - 450 pesos or trade
    By A. B. Feuer, Foreword by Senator Bob Dole

    This history of the 10th Mountain Division during World War II focuses on the personal experiences of the mountain troops who served in Alaska and Italy. Feuer conveys the opinions expressed by the veterans about the conduct of the campaigns--both the good and the bad, with no holds barred. Senator Bob Dole, who was seriously wounded during the campaign, provides a foreword. This fascinating account also reveals the differences in training and strategy from those employed by German ski troops of the same era.

    Chuck Yeager and the Bell X-1(hardbound) - 450 pesos or trade
    Each year, millions of visitors flock to the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum to look at the Bell X-1 aircraft-the vehicle in which Chuck Yeager broke the sound barrier on October 14, 1947. This in-depth look at the legendary aircraft tells the story of this momentous achievement-how the technology was developed, conflicts were resolved, and Yeager and his fellow pilots became the heroic figures depicted in The Right Stuff. A wealth of historical photographs of the Bell X-1 enriches the text, which includes such fascinating material as Yeager's official memo about the historic flight. This is as close as readers will ever get to being inside the aircraft that paved the way for supersonic flight, thus ushering in the era of space exploration.

    The Secret War with Iran: The 30-Year Clandestine Struggle Against the World's Most Dangerous Terrorist Power(hardbound) - 450 pesos or trade
    In the years since 9/11, the U.S. war on terror has focused on al-Qaeda, Afghanistan, and Iraq. Coverage of Iran has been devoted almost exclusively to its nuclear ambitions. Yet, as Ronen Bergman's groundbreaking reporting in this vital investigative history reveals, for thirty years, Iran has been the world's leading sponsor of global terror and stands as the most formidable sponsor of terror in the world today.Bergman, one of Israel's top investigative reporters, gained unprecedented access to extraordinary sources from top to bottom in the Mossad and intelligence agencies around the world. Based on over ten years of research and more than 300 exclusive interviews with key intelligence figures, he reveals that Iranian terrorist masterminds have crisscrossed the globe, conducting bombings and assassinations with impunity-even renting apartments and planning bombing attacks in New York City. Iran's proxy, Hizballah, has virtually taken over southern Lebanon and threatens Israel with high-powered weaponry supplied by Iran. Iran and Hizballah worked closely with al-Qaeda and other Sunni terrorist groups in developing their terrorist operations, and Iranian commandos trained Iraqi insurgents in the crafts of suicide bombing and the building of the roadside bombs that have killed so many U.S. troops in Iraq.In response, and largely beneath the public's radar, a vast clandestine war has been fought with Iran and Hizballah on one side and the CIA, Israel's Mossad, and their European counterparts on the other. The full story of that secret war, told for the first time here, will fundamentally change the deb ate about U.S. national security priorities.

    Sacred Rage: The Wrath of Militant Islam - 450 pesos or trade
    by Robin Wright

    For a generation, Muslim extremists have targeted Americans in an escalation of terror that culminated in the September 11 attacks. Our shared confusion -- Who are the attackers? Why are we targets? -- is cleared away in a book as dramatic as it is authoritative.
    Updated with new chapters on Afghanistan and the the broader Islamic movement, Sacred Rage combines Robin Wright's extraordinary reportage on the Islamic world with an historian's grasp of context to explain the roots, the motives, and the goals of the Islamic resurgence. Wright talked to terrorists, militant religious leaders, and fighters from Beirut to Islamabad and Kabul. Their voices of rage reverberate here -- right up to the attacks in New York and Washington.
    Across continents extends a challenge we fail to understand at our peril. Sacred Rage now casts light on the war being fought in the shadows.

    U. S. Elite Counterterrorist Forces(The Power series) - 250 pesos or trade
    Hostage Rescue Teams, Fleet Anti-Terrorist Security Teams, and other top-notch counter-terrorist units are profiled in this fully-illustrated history. First-hand interviews and the personal experiences of these elite team members describe the extensive training their units undergo, and the special equipment and techniques they use. An unpresidented look at the inner workings of todays elite forces!

    M1 Abrams (46 pages, hardbound) - 350 pesos
    by Frank Vann
    The M1 Abrams is a third-generation main battle tank produced in the United States. It is named after General Creighton Abrams, former Army Chief of Staff and Commander of US military forces in Vietnam from 1968 to 1972. Highly mobile, designed for modern armored ground warfare, the M1 is well armed and heavily armored. Notable features include the use of a powerful gas turbine engine (fueled with JP8 jet fuel), the adoption of sophisticated composite armor, and separate ammunition storage in a blow-out compartment for crew safety. Weighing nearly 68 short tons (almost 62 metric tons), it is one of the heaviest main battle tanks in service. The M1 Abrams entered U.S. service in 1980, replacing the M60 tank. It served for over a decade alongside the improved M60A3, which had entered service in 1978. The M1 remains the principal main battle tank of the United States Army and Marine Corps, and the armies of Egypt, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Australia, and Iraq in 2010.

    Harrier Jump Jet (46 pages, hardbound) - 350 pesos or trade
    by Frank Vann
    The Harrier, informally referred to as the Jump Jet, is a family of military jet aircraft capable of vertical/short takeoff and landing (V/STOL) operations. Historically the Harrier was developed in Britain to operate from ad-hoc facilities such as car parks or forest clearings, avoiding the need for large air bases vulnerable to tactical nuclear weapons. Later the design was adapted for use from aircraft carriers. The Harrier is also distinct as being of modern era, yet subsonic, contrasting with most of the major Western post-World War II-era attack aircraft, which tend to be supersonic.

    Gripen, The First Fourth Generation Fighter - 850 pesos or trade
    Hardcover: 165 pages
    Publisher: Swedish Air Force, FMV and Saab Aerospace

    The Saab JAS 39 Gripen (English: Griffin) is a lightweight single-engine multirole fighter manufactured by the Swedish aerospace company Saab. It was designed to replace the Saab 35 Draken and 37 Viggen in the Swedish Air Force (Flygvapnet). The Gripen features delta wings and canards, as well as relaxed stability design and fly-by-wire technology.
    In 1979, the Swedish government began development studies for an aircraft capable of fighter, attack and reconnaissance missions to replace the Saab 35 Draken and 37 Viggen. One of Saab's designs was chosen, and was developed into the JAS 39. Comparatively small relative to similar fighters, the Gripen has a top speed of Mach 2. Eight hardpoints allow it to carry various bombs and missiles, supplemented by the 27 mm Mauser BK-27 cannon. Its GE F404-derived Volvo-Flygmotor RM12 produces more than 80 kilonewtons (18,000 lbf) of thrust with afterburner, giving the aircraft a thrust-to-weight ratio of 0.97.
    Beset by early problems with its avionics during flight testing, during which a prototype was lost, the aircraft entered service in 1997. Saab has since cooperated with other aerospace companies in marketing the aircraft internationally, and has achieved moderate success in Central Europe, South Africa and Southeast Asia. More than 264 Gripens have been delivered or ordered as of 2011.

    Canadian Military Journal (19 books)
    vol.2 #3 2001 to vol.7 #2 2006
    *vol.5 #3 2004 missing
    3500 pesos or trade

    Canadian Military Journal is the official professional journal of the Canadian Forces and the Department of National Defence. It is published quarterly under authority of the Minister of National Defence. Opinions expressed or implied in this publication are those of the author, and do not necessarily represent the views of the Department of National Defence, the Canadian Forces, Canadian Military Journal, or any agency of the Government of Canada. Crown copyright is retained. Articles may be reproduced with permission of the Editor, on condition that appropriate credit is given to Canadian Military Journal.


    F6F hellcat - 250 pesos
    Flight Journal magazine, Summer 2006
    F6F Hellcat, 80 Pages of Awesome Photography.

    The Grumman F6F Hellcat was a carrier-based fighter aircraft developed to replace the earlier F4F Wildcat in United States Navy (USN) service. Although the F6F resembled the Wildcat, it was a completely new design powered by a 2,000 hp Pratt & Whitney R-2800. Some tagged it as the "Wildcat's big brother".[3] The Hellcat and the Vought F4U Corsair were the primary USN fighters during the second half of World War II.
    The Hellcat was credited with destroying 5,271 aircraft[4] while in service with the U.S. Navy and U.S. Marine Corps (5,163 in the Pacific and eight more during the invasion of Southern France, plus 52 with the Royal Navy's Fleet Air Arm during World War II)[5], which was more than any other Allied aircraft. Postwar, the Hellcat was phased out of front line service, but remained in service as late as 1954 as a night fighter.

    Aeroplane magazine back issue August 2002 and November 2002
    (Single Issue Magazine)
    - 180 pesos each

    Aeroplane Monthly magazine traces its lineage back to the weekly The Aeroplane magazine launched in June 1911, and is still continuing to provide the best aviation coverage around. Aeroplane Monthly magazine is dedicated to offering the most in-depth and entertaining read on all historical aircraft. With a distinct emphasis on military machines from the 1930s, 1940s, 1950s and 1960s, Aeroplane Monthly magazine features such icons as the Spitfire, Hurricane, Lancaster and many more. However, Aeroplane Monthly also regularly includes articles on historic civil light aircraft and other types that are scarcely covered elsewhere – making it the most balance historic aviation monthly on the market. Inside every issue there’s the latest news from all around the world, detailed historical accounts, exclusive archive photography from our massive collection of glass-plate negatives, a look back at how The Aeroplane reported on significant aviation milestones, events coverage, book reviews, Q&As and much more. Aeroplane Monthly magazine is the essential read for any aviation enthusiast.

    Small Arms Review
    160 pesos or trade

    Action Pursuit Games
    120 pesos or trade

    scale aviation modeller international
    volume 8 issue 10
    180 pesos or trade

    scale aviation modeller international
    volume 7 issue 10
    180 pesos or trade

    american rifleman
    april 1996
    90 pesos or trade

    american rifleman
    march 1997
    70 pesos or trade

    hunt forever august/september 2004
    70php or trade

    aviation history (may 2002)
    80php or trade

    private pilot (november 1996)
    70php or trade

    aviation maintenance (october 1997)
    80php or trade

    guns of the old west #14
    80php or trade

    80php each or trade
    april, may and june 2002

    June 2009 issue
    80 pesos or trade

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