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    Official Rules and Regulations


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    Official Rules and Regulations Empty Official Rules and Regulations

    Post by TECH DECK MM on Wed Dec 16, 2009 10:12 am

    Here are the rules that will guide you with your stay here at Tech Deck Philippines.

    • This forum is intended for Tech Deck promotion, discussion, review and community. Posting / mentioning other brand name is strictly prohibited. Sanctions will be imposed to offenders (1 week/permanent post ban).

    • Please try to use proper grammar and spelling. Tagalog and English are accepted.

    • Please treat every member of this forum with respect.

    • As much as possible please avoid off topic reply to prevent flooding of messages. Sanctions will be given to repeat offenders.

    • Before starting a new topic please make sure you are posting it in the correct place. e.g. 'New TD Items' - this should go in the New Tech Deck Items

    • Please do not make a new topic in any section that is just linking to another thread on the forum. Members caught doing this will receive a 3 day post ban.

    • If what you are going to post is not relevant to the topic then please don't post. In other words NO SPAMMING!

    • All posts regarding sales should only be located at the CLASSIFIED ADS SECTION. If a member is caught breaking this rule you wil recieve a 7 day post ban.

    • DO NOT impersonate Moderators or Admins. DO NOT place these words anywhere on your profile: Administrator, Admin, moderator, global moderator or anything similar. If you are caught impersonating a Moderator or Admin you will be banned permanently.

    • Racism to individual members/posting pornography/extreme violence or anything drug (illegal) related will not be tolerated and is an instant banning. Basically anything deemed to be adult in it's content is not allowed (subject for review)

    • DO NOT post links that allow you to illegally download songs, games, software, movies or whatever. This includes direct links/links to websites that allow you to download material illegally or sites that tell you how. This includes questions relating to any of this. If you are caught doing this you will be banned from TDPH (subject for review)

    • Links to other sites are allowed as long as they do not contravene the above rules. If in doubt DO NOT POST IT.

    • Avatar limitations (in pixels):

    Max height: 100
    Max width: 65

    Obviously if an Avatar or signature is found to be breaking the racism/adult content rule you will be asked to remove it.


    Usually this is how things will go depending on the gravity of your offense:

    1st Offense: Warning (PM) + 3 day posting ban.
    2nd Offense: Warning (PM) + 1 week ban.
    3rd Offense: Warning (PM) + 2 week ban.

    Any rule breaks after those 3 warnings and you will be permanently banned from TDPH

    • If any of the moderators or admins discover you have more than one account you will be permanently banned as well.

    • From time to time a hitlist will be created. Warnings will not be sent to offenders as stated above. If you are on the list and break a rule again and you will be banned.

    • Admins reserve the right to ban without warning. For example if we see a member that is going to be a problem in the future Admins may ban them.

    • The Admins decision is final. You are allowed to plea your case to Admins but in the end their decision is final.

    • This forum can be viewed even when you're not yet registered, by registering in this forum it is your duty to check the rules and regulations and by posting in our forum means that you acknowledge and will abide the rules set by the admin. If you have grievances you can pm any of our moderators before escalating your concern to me I will only entertain grievance that are forwarded to me by my trusted moderators.

    • These rules apply to ALL sections on the forum.

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